Altecnic 1/8 inch Hygroscopic Air Vent (508011)

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The Altecnic hygroscopic automatic air vent can manually or automatically remove any air trapped within a radiator or a heat emitted both during filling of the system and in normal operation.
In this way, when the system is operating under normal conditions, the discs are immersed and due to their increase in volume, close the valve. However, when air is present the discs dry out and allow the air to vent. Hydroscopic discs close very quickly, in just a few seconds, significantly decreasing the rick of leakage.
Used to remove trapped air in radiators or heat emitters
Can be used manually or automatically
Quick acting Hygroscopic action decreases risk of water leakage
1/8 inch MBSP screwed connection
Air vent cartridge can be replaced without emptying radiator
Max. working pressure: 10 bar
Max. working temperature: 90°C
Body: Nickel plated brass
Knob: Polyacetal White RAL 9010
Connection seal: PTFE

Product Code:
508 Hygroscopic
30.00 mm
18.00 mm