Stelflow (RM) 120 L Direct Slimline Unvented Cylinder

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The space saving Stelflow Direct Slim-line measures just 475mm, making it perfect for situations were space is limited. Like the rest of RM's unvented cylinder catalogue, the Stelflow Direct Slim-line is carefully designed, developed and manufactured to be purpose built to existing standards, including WRAS. The Stelflow Direct Slim-line is designed to offer hot water in properties where space is limited and where auxiliary heating sources are not available. The Stelflow Slim-line Direct cylinder uses solely electricity to power the single in-built 3kW immersion heater.

Technical Specification: 

Capacity                                :           120 Ltr

Weight (Empty)                     :           31 kg

Weight (Full)                         :           151 kg

Immersion reheat time          :           104 mins

Standing loss                        :           1.4 kW/day

ErP Rating                            :           D

Product Code:
Stelflow (RM)
Direct Slimline - 120 L
1165 mm
475 mm