Adey MagnaClean Commercial Magnetic Filter 4 Inch CP1-03-001125

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The award winning Magna Clean design characteristics and high quality production make installation and ongoing maintenance extremely straightforward. This proven technology effectively tackles black iron oxide sludge and system debris and has been specifically developed to meet commercial needs.
The high performance filters not only maintain heating and cooling systems, they provide ongoing protection and contribute significantly to reduced energy, maintenance and repair costs within the organisation.
The installation of Magna Clean within any central heating application brings immediate benefits, particularly where there are significant numbers of radiators with larger dimension pipework. These benefits improve performance and deliver savings in time and money. The principal benefits are as follows:
Guaranteed central heating system protection from black iron oxide. Simple, trouble-free installation and servicing. Made in the UK. Restores central heating system to peak performance and efficiency. Extended operational life of the system. No ongoing running costs. Collects large and micro-particles of sludge that build-up in the boiler. Low maintenance costs. Increased energy efficiency. Integral sight glass assembly allows easy inspection of debris captured
Pressure vessel components designed, approved, manufactured and tested
in the UK. Quality of cast body verified by X Ray analysis. Specification and construction conforms to Pressure Equipment Directive PED 97/23/ECEPDM full face flange gaskets for robust sealing at high temperatures. Drain plug with BSPT threads ensuring effective seal and easy maintenance

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Commercial 4 Inch
417.00 mm