Solder Ring 22 x 15 x 22mm Reducing Tee

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Solder Ring 22 x 15 x 22mm Reducing Tee This 22 x 15 x 22mm reducing tee solder ring enables three-way connection of different diameter copper pipes with the select size pipe from the one end of the tee. The pre-soldered lead-free capillary connectors are ideal when working in confined spaces and/or where single-handed fitting is required.

Angle:                             90 degrees

Certification:                 BS 864-2:1983 or BS EN 1254:1998

Connection:                  Female Copper

Equal Unequal:             Unequal

Fitting Type:                 Tee

Gender:                         F

Material:                       Copper

Size:                            22 x 15 x 22mm

Product Code:
22 x 15 x 22mm