Baxi Ideal 003114 402809 307A266 053239 062623 R1230 4640 R4640 Honeywell Gas valve kit V4600C 1193 1029 1086 Multifit

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This gas valve is a gas distribution mechanism. When the need for gas in the burner increases, a message is sent from the printed circuit board to the gas valve, which opens and allows gas to flow through the valve into the pilot assembly or the burner dependant on the type of appliance. We recommend that all parts are fitted by a fully qualified gas safe certified technician.
SAME AS V4600C 1029 / 1086 / 1193
Fits The Following Baxi Boilers:
Part No.: 003114, 402809, 307A266, 053239, 402809 , 79756
BAXI BERMUDA 25/1, BERMUDA 401, BERMUDA 551, BERMUDA 552, BOSTON 40 OF, BOSTON 40 RS, BOSTON 50 OF, BOSTON 50 RS, BOSTON 60 OF, BOSTON 60 RS, BOSTON 70 OF, BOSTON 70 RS, BOSTON 80 OF, BOSTON 80 RS, FS 401 OF, FS 401 RS, FS 401S OF, FS401 S RS, FS501 OF, FS501 RS, FS501S OF, FS501S RS, FS601 OF, FS601 RS, FS601S OF, FS601S RS, FS701 OF, FS701 RS, FS701S OF, FS701S RS, FS801 OF, FS801 RS, FS 801S OF, FS801S RS, WM281 RS, WM 282 RS, WM 381 RS, WM 382 RS, , WM 40/3 OF, WM 401OF, WM 402OF, WM 511RS, WM 512 RS, WM 532 RS, , WM 532RS, WM 55/3 OF, WM 551 OF, WM 552 OF

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Baxi Ideal gas valve