Altecnic 1 inch MBSP x MBSP Altecnic Aquadis+ Cold Volumetric Water Meter (PS-100004)

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The Altecnic Aquadis+ range of pulsed water meters for cold water applications offers a dependable and accurate reading of water consumption and is ideally suited for use in domestic premises and small commercial buildings. It comes complete with a hermetically sealed IP68 copper can mineral glass register as standard (TVM) however a plastic TSN register with wiper for high humidity conditions is available upon request. 
Technical Info: 
Size: 1 inch MBSP
Size (DN): DN25
Connection Size: G11/4B
Dynamic Range MID (R): R350
Permanent flow rate: 6.3 m3/h
Standard ratio: 160 Q3/Q1
Minimum flow rate: 39 l/h
Pressure loss class at Q3: <0.63 bar
Operating temperature: 5 to 55°C
Starting flow rate: 4 l/h
1 inch MBSP x 1 inch MBSP Screwed Iron Connections
Cold Volumetric Water Meter
Comes complete with a copper can mineral glass register
Glass register made to IP68 and is hermetically sealed to face all site situations
A plastic register for high humidity conditions is available upon request
Combines piston type technology together with extra dry registers
Advantages of piston type with proven reliability of dry registers
Provides a hermetical measuring element using the concept of magnetic transmission
Very low starting flow allows for leakage detection
Large measuring range
Maximum admissible working pressure: 16 bar
Easy reading dial has large numbered rollers with high contrast
Reading dial can be rotated through 360°C in any position

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