Double Cliplock Clip - 28mm White (Pack Of 50)

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Main Advantages & Benefits:

Large base design prevents clip being pulled into plaster and gives more support against side loads

Reinforcing spines down each side of the clips adds top the strength of the clip and gives it rigidity

Open pipe clips have long, thick  arms  which embrace further round the pipe when in the clip. This is crucial to ensuring maximum retention of the pipe for this style of clip

Clip lock pipe clips have a hinged cover which snaps in to place over the top of the pipe. This ensures an  all round  permanent fixing for the pipe. The pipe can be easily removed for maintenance by opening the clip with the end of a screwdriver

The double clips within the range offer the same high quality of fixing as the single version but have the following advantages for a double pipe run:

1. Pipe clips can be attached to the pipe to establish positioning and then fixed

2. Pipes are always parallel and are more aesthetically pleasing

3. Saves cost as only one screw, one plug and one drilled hole are required to secure two pipes

4. An insert is available to reduce one side of a 22mm double clip to a 15mm


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