Heatrae Sadia Megaflo Eco 300Si Indirect Unvented Hot Water Twin Coil Solar Cylinder

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This Indirect Cylinder - Heated via an external heat source such as a boiler. Also includes an electric immersion heater & solar coil. Unvented Cylinder - Pressurised unit, fed directly from mains water. No header tank required. The Heatrae Sadia Megaflo Eco Solar Cylinders offer the best choice for conserving energy, without lacking in performance, and still providing maximum reliability and efficiency. Heatrae Megaflo Eco Solar Cylinders also us a special solar coil in the base of the cylinder, designed to ensure maximum heat input and efficiency.
By using advanced technology in Unvented water heating, the Heatrae Sadia Megaflo Eco Cylinders ensures efficiency and reliability that makes Heatrae Sadia one of the market leaders in Cylinder manufacture.
Pressure tested in the factory to 15 bar - five times the normal operating pressure.
Constructed in Duplex stainless steel for maximum strength - pressure tested to 15 bar.
Improved performance at low pressures down to 1 bar
New water inlet controls increase flow rates by up to 20%
Improved insulation for maximum heat retention.
Reduction in heat loss of 14%.
No anode - eliminates costly anode maintenance.
Insulated casing for the temperature and pressure relief valve to minimise heat loss.
Unique 'L-shaped' long-life Superloy immersion heater reaches deeper into the tank giving more hot water.
Titanium immersion as standard on all direct models.
Patented cold water inlet diffuser minimises mixing of cold and hot water.
High performance 'coil-in-coil' heat exchanger.
Second purpose-designed solar coil to ensure maximum heat input and solar efficiency.
Exceeds CheSS* Best Practice for recovery times and insulation.
Complies with future European Energy Using Products Directive.
Lifetime Warranty.
ErP Water Heating Efficiency - B
Capacity (Litres) - 300
Material - Stainless Steel
Type - Unvented Cylinder
Sub Type - Indirect
Colour - White

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Heatrae Sadia Megaflow
Megaflo Eco Solar 300si
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